About the Project

BALTIC STORIES. Professionalization of events for culturally embedded and sustainable tourism development of destinations in South Baltic region.


Events have a great and unused potential to generate more tourist inflow to the South Baltic region. Behind each event there are stories and traditions that can act as strong appeals and the main motivation to choose the South Baltic from among other destinations.

The BALTIC STORIES project aims at professionalization of events organized across the South Baltic area. The project will educate and put at the disposal of event organizers a set of tools and guidelines, as well as provide professional marketing support, implement pilot and training activities, so that event stakeholders will be equipped with novel solutions for event organisation.

The main outputs of the project are:

1) tools for event organisers,

2) promotion and marketing,

3) workshops and volunteer involvement,

4) cross-border network.

The project has arisen out of a seed money project with the same title focusing on events in the tourism development of the Baltic Sea area. By strengthening capacities of the event stakeholders, the ongoing BALTIC STORIES project will contribute to an “increased popularity of natural and cultural heritage areas/sites as sustainable tourism destinations” (expected programme result under Specific objective 2.1 of the Interreg South Baltic Programme).


Project duration: 1 July 2017-30 June 2020

Project total budget: €863,110.00

ERDF funding: €714,613.50


Project partnership:

- Lead partner: Westpomerania Voivodeship (Poland),

- The Balteus Foundation (Poland),

- Västerviks Museum (Sweden),

- Administration of Šilutė District Municipality (Lithuania).







Westpomerania Voivodeship

Department for Tourism and Economy

Magdalena Bulikowska


+48 91 44 19 132


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