"BALTIC STORIES" on the BSWHS in Karlskrona (Sweden)

Between 24-26.09.2019, the Naval Port of Karlskrona (Sweden), a UNESCO world heritage site, hosted the Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit organised within the DUNC Heritage Interreg South Baltic project.

The "BALTIC STORIES" project partners were happy to present there the project's achievements and objectives. Sharing our experience, we encouraged potential future cooperation with institutions in charge of tangible and intangible heritage sites all over the Baltic Sea region.

On an internal meeting, we discussed current and future activities related to increasing capacities of event stakeholders through workshops which will take place in January and February 2020.

First "BALTIC STORIES" workshop in Šilutė (Lithuania)

On the 6th June 2019, a "BALTIC STORIES" project partner Šilutė Municipality held the first workshop for event organisers. The topics covered:

• Public-private cooperation model. Why we need it?
• How to sell an event and attract sponsors,
• Instagram use for event promotion.

Next workshops will be held in the second half of 2019 in Poland, Sweden and once again in Lithuania.

"BALTIC STORIES" holds joint events innovative promotion on Copenhagen airport

The "BALTIC STORIES" project team has held a innovative promotional campaign at the Copenhagen airport in Denmark.

In April 2019, the joint spot on events in Westpomerania mentioning convenient air connections between this Polish region and Denmark was emitted on the big Copenhagen airport screens.

Results? Thousands of travellers from around the world watching the highlights from Westpomeranian events, increased touristic potential for the region, cross-promotion.

"BALTIC STORIES" volunteers on the Šilutė Town Festival

The young volunteers from Lithuania and Poland again in action with the "BALTIC STORIES" project! This time, they have co-organised the Šilutė Town Festival in Lithuania and video-interviewed its guests. Thank you, guys, for your involvement!

Last year, a group of volunteers took part in the Slavs and Vikings Festival in Wolin (Poland).

Volunteering is a powerful, cost-efficient and often indispensable means of supporting the events. It gives organisers fresh ideas and enthusiasm of the volunteers who in exchange get inolvidable experience, references for next jobs and new contacts. Definitely, it is a win-win situation.

Consider involving volunteers in your event!

"BALTIC STORIES" creates events cross-promotional movie

Cross-promotion is an emerging tendency in marketing. It has lots of benefits such as shared costs or wider reach.

To check the power of this tool, Baltic Stories has prepared a cross-promotional movie, featuring events organised by the project's partners from:

▶️ Silute, Sveksna (Lithuania),
▶️ Hasselö (Sweden),
▶️ Trzebiatów, Świnoujście, Slavs and Vikings Centre (Poland).

"BALTIC STORIES" Šilutė joint promotional 1-minute video

This 1-minute video promotes not less than three culturally-embedded events in Lithuania Minor. It will greatly contribute to the region's tourist promotion and development. The video has been financed by the Šilutė Municipality, a "BALTIC STORIES" project partner, in cooperation with a local video production company.

Cross-promotion has a lot of benefits for the event organisers, from cost-efficiency to expanding the promotion coverage. It can be videos, printed materials, gadgets: whatever your imagination and event's budget allow.

"BALTIC STORIES" Västervik storytelling video

Västerviks Museum, a "BALTIC STORIES" project partner, has created a video about the Hasselörodden event they co-organise each July. Watch the video here.

Long storytelling videos (more than two minutes, approximately) make watchers feel the climate of the event and look into its making-of. They can include interviews, long shootings, event history. They definitely need speakers or voice-over to complement the images. Through such videos, you can intimate people behind the event and thus feel attracted to meet them in person.



"BALTIC STORIES" volunteers' video from the Slavs and Vikings Festival 2018

The "BALTIC STORIES" project Lithuanian and Polish young volunteers on the Slavs and Vikings Festival 2018 in Poland shot a video! Watch it to hear voices of participants from all over the world about their feelings and experiences on the Festival.

Testimonials of event participants can be efficiently used for its promotion. They are an authentic voice, transmit genuine emotions and give an overview what you can expect on the event place. The testimonials can have many forms: videos, pictures with quotes, reviews and comments in social media.


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